Based on George and Jerry's combined 50+ years of professional weather station experience, we offer an experienced viewpoint about each sensor available on this website. If you have a sensor that you would like us to review, please write to us. Our reviews and ratings of sensors and weather stations represent our individual and discrete opinions. Sometimes our opinions may concur but many times will diverge and give a full all around review of each sensor from completely different view points.


Jerry was hit by lightning...not really, but sometimes his head is in the clouds. Theoretical concepts and uncompromising perfectionism drive his work. His vast knowledge of physical concepts and practical experience in sensor design give him, in contrast with Tom's pragmatism a point of view of a scientist with a need for uncompromising measurement.


  • Doesn't like to get his hands dirty
  • Irritable


  • Finds weak points in every sensor
  • Attention to detail
  • Vast theoretical knowledge
  • Perfectionism

Tom likes to chase things he can't catch...slightly reminiscent of Tom & Jerry cartoons. Its just that he's not chasing mice but storms. An avid tinkerer who in his free time designs and programs his own meteorological equipment and in his day job works for a meteorological sensor company prototyping and sensor manufacturing.


  • Theory reaches only as far as the bookshelf
  • Talks too much



  • Very practical and pragmatic
  • Can fix just about anything
  • Servicing sensors
  • Electronics
  • Likes to get down and dirty chasing storms


For the sake of our & our families privacy, we have decided to use aliases Jerry & Tom.