Build your agricultural software and precision-agro solution on the only agricultural weather station meeting World Meteorological Organizations (WMO) weather data quality standards. With its open data format, MeteoHelix weather station provides an open, stable and reliable meteorological solution for your professional weather data needs.


Maintenance free temperature, humidity, dew-point, frost-point, atmospheric pressure, solar radiation and sun duration measurement including precipitation for agriculture. Achieve WMO compliant air temperature accuracy in all-weather and all climates. Based on the ultra-precise MeteoShield Professional whose accuracy was verified by the Royal Meteorological Institute of Belgium in the “Intercomparison of Shelters in the RMI AWS Network.


Double-helix technology offers unique maintenance free benefits for accurate and stable long term measurement. Double helix structure blocks contaminants from 360° and fouling of the internal sensors to maintain long-term measurement accuracy and stability.


Lasts over 6 months without sun and in one sunny day adds 20 extra days of sunless operation.


Simple design, rugged construction and IoT wireless technology is simply affordable.


See temperature changes every 10 minutes on on your phone or computer.


MeteoShield and MeteoHelix are protected designs & registered

MeteoHelix IoT Agro Sensor
Mounting Options

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MeteoShield Mounting Kit Guide_Page_1.jpg

Mandatory equipment

  1. Screwdriver or hex wrench - Depending on the mounting option chosen, you will require only basic tools to mount the weather station.

  2. Magnet - Activating the sensor only requires placing a magnet near the marked point.

Register your sensor

Go to our portal, enter your weather station serial number to activate your sensor and immediately see live data on your screen every 12 minutes. 

Set your goal

Set your temperature and dew-point alarms to have early warning of extreme temperatures, frost and rainy weather on your farm fields.

Tell us what is really important for you?

Fill out the contact form here to let us know your needs. Our weather stations and sensors are here to make your life easier and your farming more productive. If we know your needs, we can tailor future products match them. So don't hesitate and tell us your needs.